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The Salon

the parlour house story


I began my life in 1903 as a country farmhouse in Wadsworth, Nevada. When the railroad moved to Sparks in 1904, I boarded up my windows and doors and moved to Sparks in order to take advantage of the many opportunities the railroad might provide.


In 2016 Kate and her mother Barbara rescued me, in order to fulfill a lifelong dream of Kates to one-day have a salon of her own. In 2017, Kate and Barb began making the necessary changes and adjustments to the interior to finally fulfill Kates lifelong dream. 


If these walls could talk; they would tell you of the day indoor plumbing was installed and the day that electricity replaced those smelly kerosene lamps. They would tell you of the first automobile that passed by. The last century has been exciting, but never more exciting than it is today.


Today, I am The Parlour House Salon. I am adorned with crystal chandeliers reminiscent of the early 1900’s, my original crown molding and much of the original shiplap that made up my walls in 1903.


Inside, Kate and her team are busy creating the most beautiful hairstyles as seen in fashion magazines from around the world. When you visit, you may also choose to shop my many treasures and rusty gold, recovered by Barbara from attics and along dusty roads throughout Nevada.

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